LLL Garden State’s Plans

We most certainly have a plan here at LLL Garden State. And you should as well. What kind of plan? Well, almost always (or at least in a good chunk of the population), the word “plan” evokes the thought of financial planning, or perhaps end-of-life planning (e.g. wills and trusts).

All true thoughts. But there is more to planning than just having a thought. You need to actually DO something. Maybe the best way I can describe what I mean is that for most folks, we have an IDEA of what we should be planning for. But we don’t actually come up with a course of action.

Don’t you think it’s time to consider such a course of action? Regardless of what you feel like you need to plan for in life, the thought precedes the action. Now that you have entertained the thought, the idea, let’s start in with some small steps. I hope that the articles we are about to publish here at LLL Garden State will inspire you!